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Concept sketches and ideas from AJA Architecture and Planning


Thematic Movie Park

AJA Architecture and Planning was hired by a large overseas developer to assist in conceptualizing a new thematic movie park.  The attraction houses several digital media experience rides all accessed via a large lobby.  Filled with interactive and digital media experiences the lobby creates interest for the guests while they wait for attractions to begin.





Designed as a cultural thematic movie park, this facility features two ride attractions supported by a dramatic center atrium space filled with guest interactive elements. The flying theater attraction boasts an Imax® movie experience integrated with a motion based ride system. Guests are catapulted on an exhilarating ride soaring through the Southern Provinces of China taken on a magical culture filled time travel. The “Monkey King” attraction is a ride based gaming system where guests travel through a mystical land traveling with the classic Chinese children’s character the Monkey King helping him on his adventure. This ride based game features moving targets, laser guns, scoring and many other exciting elements for a rich guest experience


Theme Park Lobby, China



Modular Multifamily Apartment


This apartment complex is being designed as a modular construction project. The project targets young families at a price point under $1 per square foot rent. The clean modern design provides open well lit spaces. The complex is bordered by a steep slope ravine with dedicated hiking and walking trails.




Multifamily Apartment Modular


Multifamily Apartment Modular


Multifamily Apartment Modular

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